Laser always firing

I installed a new Co2 tube. After the install, whenever I move the laser head with lightburn it fires the laser. Also whenever I start engraving the momement the head moves it will start firing the laser. If I move the laser head with the ruida controller it does not fire the laser. The machine worked fine before the install and I did nothing on the software end. I’m assuming its a hardware issue. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for the help.

Controller: ruida 6442s
Laser tube from cloud ray.
generic blue white laser engraver from eBay.

Did you change power supply also?

I did not. I just replaced the laser tube with this one ->

Update. I moved my new tube into another machine and it works fine. I placed an old tube in the machine that fires when you move it and it still fires when I jog the machine in laserburn. Could this be a power supply issue?

Was the other machine using the same controller and software?

Tubes don’t fire on their own - it’s the PSU and controller that handle that, so the issue will be one of them. Do you have a multi-meter? If so, you could set it to the PWM and ground leads from the controller, and then jog and see if the meter reads anything. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance it’s the power supply.

Does it fire when you jog from the controller panel, or only when jogging from the software?

The other machine is using the same software and has the same controller.

I’m sorry, I’m not all that familiar with hardware side of things. Where am I supposed to place the multi-meter and which setting? I have the Ruida 6442s.

It does not fire when I jog from the controller but when I jog from lightburn. It seems that it doesn’t turn off. Engraving just leads to everything being “burned,” as in if there is a gap in the image ( black white black) it will engrave the white part too.

If the other machine is yours to experiment with, I would try swapping the power supply to the bad machine. If that fixes it, you have your answer. It does sound like a dead power supply.

Update: It was the power supply. Luckily I had a spare lying around. Thanks for the help!

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