Laser Bed will not move

I have an OmTech 60W black and red that I purchased in March. I haven’t used it in a few months because life has been insane. I went to do a ramp test and discovered that the bed will not move up or down. The numbers on the panels show that it’s moving but the actual bed is doing nothing. There are no noises or anything. Any suggestions?

The photos I’ve found and the ad copy for that machine do not show a servo controlled bed. I can’t tell from the photos how the bed is adjusted. My redsail clone had an up/down button on the right panel for bed movement. Some lesser equipped machines had a hand wheel of sorts. One had to crank and crank to change the bed height.

There’s no reference in the material I’ve found for the 60W line that manufacturer produces to indicate that it has a controller line to the bed. My controller does as yours, changes the z-height, but since there’s nothing attached to that line, nothing happens other than pretty scrolling numerals.

I was able to move it with the controller the last time I used it.

That shows how poorly the ad copy is written. Something like that is a premium feature!

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