Laser bewegt sich kaum (Laser hardly moves)

Laser schreibt immer auf einer Stelle

Laser always writes in one place

Does this mean the laser head is not moving or does the head only trace out one pattern?

When an engraver fires a laser without moving a fire can easily start. It may be wise to address the lack of motion before firing the laser again.

For this type of problem there are three general possibilities.

Mechanical type problem, software Settings, or defective machine.

From the brief statement, I feel that you may be new to asking strangers for help on the internet. :slight_smile:

We may need considerably more context because we are not standing beside your engraver. Is the engraver New? Is the motion along the X-Axis similar to the motion along the Y-axis.

If the engraver is fresh from the box, sometimes the set-screws (or grub-screws) securing the drive sprockets to the motors become loose. This is the most common cause of lack of motion. Please confirm that all the screws are tight with the Allen Key or Hex-wrench provided in the kit. Check all the factory assembled fasteners as well and take nothing for granted.

Moving the engrave head quickly (or dropping the engraver) with the motors connected can cause voltage spikes into the controller and destroy the driver chips. This usually results in no motion.

With LightBurn set in mm per minute in the Settings window, please test the Jog behavior in the Move window. Please start slowly with 10mm moves at a speed of 500mm/minute until the jog commands are scaled properly, repeatable and are oriented correctly.

Messages from the Console window in LightBurn can show a weak power supply unable to support the stepper motors and controller for the engraver. Does the engraver restart communication and send it’s model number when asking it to Move?

Please select and copy some text from the Console window and paste it into a reply here.

The initial messages are very useful because they contain the correct machine name, model number and firmware revision for your engraver.

Was not aware of this. We rarely dropped a Bridgeport mill.

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