Laser Burner Stopped Working - Gearbest is horrible

My Laser Burner Stopped one day after I purchased the software. I only had the burner for 29 days and the most upsetting part is I purchased it from Gearbest and cannot reach anyone or complete the online ticket. Their website sucks, I’m beginning to feel like “I got ripped off”.

I tried to purchase an Ortur from Gearbest a couple months ago, then got a confirmation email that said, “we’ll let you know when this ships, probably in about a month and a half”. I emailed immediately asking them to cancel the order, as there was no indication prior to ordering that it was going to take that long before it even left the building.

They refused to refund me, and instead offered “store credit” for an order I had placed less than an hour before. I’ll never purchase anything from them again.

Thank you Oz,
It took over a month for me to receive my burner…it worked well during my trial then now my laser isn’t responding and as stated I cant get through to Gearbest.

Where did you purchase your burner?

I do not know if it helps, but they have a dedicated support page.
One of the topics is regarding warranty and return:

I have had positive experiences with their customer support a while ago. Most Chinese shops work the same way. Send a picture / video of the problem and they might support you. Key is being persistent is my experience. Sometimes though you cannot get through and you have to take your loss. It’s how it works unfortunately.

Did you happen to pay with paypal? If so, make sure you give Gearbest some time te resolve the issue, if you cannot get a good solution, open a Paypal case. Make sure they do not delay the case until Paypal’s support time is over.

In the meantime, is there any way we can help? What did you experience. What stopped working? What have you tried so far?

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