Laser burns between moves

I tried looking for the $32 thing in the devise settings but I don’t see it. Am I being blind?

Go to the console, type $$ in the command box and hit enter. GRBL will dump out the settings in the firmware, and the one that starts with $32= is the setting you’re looking for.


Having said that, since you’re running GRBL-M3, you might be running an older version of GRBL, before that setting was introduced.

Thank you. But dang, it’s still doing it.

Do you know which version of GRBL you’re using? It should tell you in the console when you first connect.

It says GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier)

Hmm - GRBL itself wouldn’t say that - can you take a screen shot or picture of the console window immediately after connecting your laser so I can see?

I really appreciate your help.

$32 laser mode wasn’t introduced until v1.1
What machine are you running and what controller model/brand/etc?
In theory it should still be possible with that firmware but I wouldn’t recommend it.

It’s a (I want to say dumb) universal engraver blue cnc 15000mw

It’s skipping parts of words too.
Does that mean there’s dust or something?
I’m really bad at this .

As in “Universal Laser Systems” ?? I didn’t think they made diode engraver systems that ran on Grbl…
Can you confirm if this is something that is only not working in LightBurn and works with other software or is it always a problem for you?
For one, I would definitely recommend upgrading to the latest firmware. v1.0 is very old and it’s worth getting v1.1f or newer.
The fact that it’s skipping parts is actually most likely due to the fact that your material is very light. Diode lasers (again, I’m assuming that’s what you have) are very bad at engraving on reflective materials. So sometimes it will seem like it’s skipping parts where in really just was moving too fast at that part or something.
Best thing to try with a diode when starting out is plain old brown cardboard. Words great and is cheap :slight_smile:

This one :confused:

Oh !
And I’m a custom picture framer, so I am using matboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sneaky sneaky - I’m amazed Universal Laser Systems hasn’t thrown down the legal hammer on that.
I assume you just got the machine? I don’t know how the expect it to work with grbl that old to be honest. What software do they recommend and have you used it yet? I still want you to use LightBurn :wink: I’m just curious if you have the same issue using whatever that company recommended. In which case it’s probably some setting we are missing.

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I didn’t even try the software it came with. I think it was benbox.
I did just get the machine and I’m not having fun. Lol sorry, I’m just giving myself a pity party.

No worries. And yeah… benbox is pretty terrible. We appreciate you went straight for LightBurn!
My first suggestion to you here is to see if it’s possible to upgrade the firmware on your machine. Sadly, for that I can only really suggest that you contact the manufacturer as they will likely know more and maybe even have pre-compiled files for your specific machine. Anything v1.1 will at least be better but you ideally want v1.1f, v1.1g, or v1.1h
This is a bit weird since it should just work even with older grbl since you are using the GRBL M3 profile instead of regular GRBL. It makes me wonder if your laser is connected correctly and if it actually has PWM output capability.

Can you try the same burn you did on the matboard but on plain cardboard? That will help me see better what’s actually happening.

I will do that. I’m about to leave work. So tomorrow! I really really thank you for helping.

This was another thing I burned. And it didn’t skip anything.
With this one, it is another story. I don’t know why it’s not filling in the border and text.
This design also burns the moves that it’s not supposed to burn.
I’m a mess. Lol

Well, that’s probably just using the wrong cut settings and should be an easy fix. Can you screenshot the cut settings you have for that?

So, given that you are running the GRBL M3 profile this should just all work. So, for when you get back to this my major thoughts are (please provide answers to all if possible):

  • Does it work with the manufacturer recommended software? (It might be doing something LightBurn doesn’t know about to make it work)
  • Did you assemble this as a kit or did everything come pre-build and (more importantly) pre-wired?
  • Check the power and signal connections from the controller to the laser module. Are you sure they are connected correct?
  • Could you please send pictures of the laser module and the controller?

So first here is the cut screen for that logo.
And I just noticed that there’s other selections other than line. Should I try just the “fill” option?
I’m not sure why there’s an image mode.
I’m not sure that I have the right speed/power settings. I’m kind of guessing I guess.

And to answer the other questions:
I didn’t try the manufacturers program because I heard it sucked. Should I try it?

My husband assembled it all including the wiring.

I’m pretty sure everything is connected correctly. Is there something I can do to check that, besides getting my husband back involved? Lol

Here are the pics, I hope they don’t show up sideways like the cut screen ones.