Laser burns when moving

I’ve looked and looked and looked for any answer BESIDES “Change $32=1” I’ve did that and my laser is still burning while traveling. I need help, this is beyond frustrating. I have a Omtech K40 and the Mini GRBL v3 from Just installed the board and installed Lightburn. Never had this issue with Whisperer. Here are my specs:






















(Pwm freq 0-15)





























(x:mm max)


(y:mm max)


(z:mm max)


How is the controller hooked up to the lps? With the IN and the L inputs to the lps.


I’m new so I’m not up on the lingo. I assume IPS is Internal Power Supply. I took some pictures.

I really can’t tell anything from this…

There are two control signals to the Laser Power Supply (lps) this is the hv supply or the blue one in the photo.

If you find the two connections IN and L you can check and see if the L input is ‘stuck’ on or off.

If this is a new install, is the controller configured properly for this device?

This is generally the issue…


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