Laser calibration errors

When setting up a 4" ceramic tile engraving: X & Y coordinates are locked in at 104 mm, laser light set onto one corner, I hit FRAME +SHIFT, the laser light will frame the piece perfectly every time. When I hit START, the laser will begin engraving about a 1/2 inch lower away from the tile. It will complete the task, but will finish 1/2 of an inch lower at the top. I am using Sculpfun S6 Pro diode laser

What coordinate system are you using in Start From?

There was another similar situation where laser start seemed to shift from original framing position. Check this and see if this looks like it might apply to you.

I am using absolute coordinates. My sculpfun has no homing switch capability…I move it manually to the homing position, left front, before turning on. using LightBurn 1.0.06

Not clear on where that leaves you. Were you able to glean anything from that other topic? Did you attempt any fixes or changes?

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