Laser cannot communicate with laptop, because laser is busy, it's not

This is my first time with the laser engraving. I have a cnc laser engraving pro 80w. I have lightburn on windows 10.
I tested engraving on thin wood. But it was not showing on the thin light coloured wood. The laser engraved next to the wood, and it showed on the dark table. So I know the laser is working.
When I wanted to try again after trying to position de wood and trying to show the laser bwfore engraving on the wood, nothing works. And I don’t know how i can let me to show the laser.
And sexondly when i just wanted to try again, i get a popup that the laser can not communicate with the laptop due to the laser is busy, but it’s not.
I already tried to shut it down. Even de laptop.


Make sure you have nothing else that could be using that port.
Did you set up your laser manually in devices?
And do you have any other port options?
Can you paste your laser window?

Just to add Dskall comment,

I have had similar issues in the past, sometimes I have to try other USB ports or unplug and replug into the USB port I’m using. Working on fire alarm panel, this happens a lot to those programs as well, that’s how I learned this issue and its resolve.

Hope that helps.

Thank you very much for your hulp. It was indeed a port issue.

Thank you very much, it was indeed a port issue.