Laser Cat Prison

Trivial on the laser side, but hey… it contributed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Self-serve “Catio” for the Feline Fiends. We want them to be able to be outside without actually being in danger of cars, vermin, disease, etc. They also have a backyard enclosure where they can get to a small part of the lawn, bushes, etc.

Their prison has a nice clear view of the outside, fresh air, and… just to blend in (other than the big window box in the way…), faux window grids with white acrylic to match the other windows. The full height of the window is 1/4" acrylic to give a place for the cat doors.

My cats would approve!

But I’m not going to show it to them or they’ll nag me for one.
(They do already have a fenced backyard enclosure)