Laser Centering

I have tried everything and I’ve read everything but nothing has helped me. I’m trying to center my work. I have the green dot dead center of the work area, I have my artwork centered around that dot. I use the “set layer position by clicking” button. The laser moves to the center but when I engrave it’s off center by millimeters. I don’t know what to do now. I’ve read the forums, I’ve tried everything I’ve read. Please help.

What mode are you using in Start From: in the Laser window?

Can you attach a full screenshot of LightBurn with the design loaded?

Try switching to current position in Start from. You may have a user origin set that’s throwing off your position.

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That worked!! Such a simple fix lol, I feel so dumb.

Don’t let it keep you up at night…

I’d be worth what Bill Gates is, if I got 5 cents for each time I felt that way since I started with these machines…