Laser cut not consistent



Hello :wave:
Above are the photos of some tests I’m doing on my machine before using on my project
After alignment, the cut of the laser beam seams to be more powerful on one side, i.e: laser is reaching the bottom of the material on one side only
I’m working on a 3 mm acrylic sheet, trying to cut 15*100 mm rectangle

It would help to know if this is a CO₂ laser or a diode laser, because they behave completely differently on white acrylic.

Assuming it’s the CO₂ laser, you need more power or a lower speed to get a clean cut through the material.

A Material Test varying the speed & power settings will be helpful to find the sweet spot.

Verifying that the mirrors are clean & properly aligned, that the focus lens is clean and firmly secured, and that the beam is perpendicular to the platform are also good ideas when seeing unusual results.

Yes sir, it’s a CO2
Will try to change power and speed on Monday
Thanks a lot !

How fast are you running and how big are these circles?

What is your min/max power settings?

Edit → Machine settings → Vendor settings

What is the Start speed value?


My machine is a double tube 300W laser power
The power is set to 15% for both tubes
Speed is set to 300 mm/s