Laser cut offset to camera position

My laser head made contact with something on the bed and now, tries to cut about 3 inches right of the camera alignment on the layer screen. I hope you know what I am trying to say. is it the case of having to re-calibrate?

I would re-calibrate.

I did recalibrate, and all was well. Gone back after being away from the laser and have to offset the objects by about 75mm to the right to be correct to the camera. I really don’t want to have to recalibrate every time I use it

This how I have to set it for it to be correct on the board

You shouldn’t have to recalibrate it like this - That’s very strange.

  • Do you have more than one laser profile set up?
    • Camera calibration data is stored with the selected laser
  • Are you running more than one copy of LightBurn at a time?
    • The last one closed will overwrite the preferences
  • Is your focus point changing?
    • If you switch to a different lens, and it changes the focal plane of the laser, you’d need to recalibrate

These are the things that come immediately to mind - there has to be some reason this is happening.

One laser, one laptop, one lens setup nothing changed.

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