Laser cuts through project while creating an array - BUG?

Hi everyone!
I need help. When I create an array of a simple round objects with the distanse 0mm between them laser cuts the first circle normaly, then goes to the second and when it should finish and go to the third it goes back to the first one cutting through the second… To be more understood, here are some screenshots:

When I set the distanse in Optimization Setting from 0,025mm to 0,000mm the problem goes away, but I need the 0,025mm in other projects (when im cutting square projects with 0mm distanse), and its quite annoying to constantly change it.
I can undesrtand why the laser goes back to the connection point of the two objects, but why doesn’t it stop the cutting while going back?
All this started like 2 weeks ago on both of my lasers, I never had a problem like this before and I use the array tool all the time.

Please help if you have any idea how to fix it. Thanks.

What does your laser path in Preview look like?


Real path:

Send the file up here with the problem, thanks

Sure, here it is:
bugged arrays.lbrn2 (10.4 KB)

And I found another setting that repairs that “bug”. In layer settings I have Overcut set too “0,1mm”. When I set it to 0mm the problem goes away, but… I kindda need the overcut :confused:

If in “optimization settings” you remove the check mark for “Remove Overlapping Lines” or move the objects apart so that they do not touch, the result is error-free.

This appears to be a genuine bug in the generation of the code for the Ruida controller. Looking into it now.

Well, I know that would help, but then I have to remember every time I cut square files (that are in an array touching each other) to change it back, not fun at all.

Thanks! Hope you’ll find whats wrong :slight_smile:

This is fixed for the next update. It should make it into the 1.3.02 patch release, likely coming next week.


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