Laser decided to have a new home point


I cant recall exactly the button i pressed within Lightburn, it was something like MOVE TO LASER POSITION, MOVE TO CENTRE POSITION etc one of those.

However ever since pressing that the laser head always defaults now to that position. It will do a job and then return basically to near the middle of the bed.

How can i correct this and make the laser head return to 0,0 top right rear or its proper home?


You probably pressed “Set Origin”. If you move the laser to wherever you want it and press the ‘Origin’ button on the controller or ‘Set Origin’ in LightBurn, that will be the new User Origin, which is where jobs start from in User Origin mode, and where the laser returns to at the end of a job by default.

Cheers Oz!

That was spot on. I am not even sure where the SET ORIGIN button on LB is. However i moved the head to 0,0 and hit ORIGIN on the laser controller and it worked.


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