Laser & Diode Stopped Working

Hey there!

I have a 60watt laser with a Ruida controller, coolant temp was between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Was finishing off a project with a cut. 2 passes of 3.5mm speed at 49% laser power.

At the start of the second pass my computer froze and light burn shut down. After I got it restarted, I noticed the position diode wasn’t there and also no Laser. I have no idea if this would have been due to the computer freeze, or if that timing was just coincidence.

Turned the machine off for about an hour, went back and still no luck. I can still control the laser and everything seems normal through Lightburn… if I try to run a test all the movements are going on, but no laser. Also on the machine controller, I can move the laser head around the table and everything, but pulse doesn’t actually do anything.

Any idea what this could be or what to check first? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

After more research, looks like it is a power supply issue, and has nothing to do with software or my computer freezing. So I will be ordering a new power supply and that seems like it will do the trick. I will update here when I confirm that it works.

I saw this video and it was very similar to my issue:


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