Laser disconeccts from lightburn after each job

Hello i am running a boss laser 1630 with Ruida 644xs controller. For some reason after a job completes the laser disconnects from the software. I have to turn the laser off and then back on again to fix the issue. Any suggestions?

Instead of turning the laser off/on to redo the connection, just right click on the devices button in the Laser window.


Does it disconnect, or is the laser paused for some reason? It would usually tell you on the display. After running a job on the laser, if you hit the Esc key on the controller pad can you then run another job without resetting?

no is says that it is disconnected. It also will not let me run another job after pressing Esc.

Are you connected with USB or Ethernet?

usb. It also disconnects and reconnects a few times after starting a job. I found some help you put on a different thread for USB power and i turned off the setting for USB selective suspend setting. My usb is pretty long as well about 16 to 20 ft. is ethernet better?

Ethernet (with a cable) is about twice as fast as USB, and pretty robust. If you use WIFI it’ll be faster, but will drop occasionally. The long cable could be part of the issue - USB is only rated for 5 meters, and you’re just above that. Depending on the cable used, it might be an issue.

how about ethernet is it rated for at least 20 ft?

100 meters, in fact. :slight_smile:

Ok ill have to give that a try. Thanks.

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