Laser disconnected NEJE 308020W after working just fine for past two weeks

I am new to this forum and to laser burning. Started with NEJE iPhone app, worked great but no features. Downloaded Lightburn and within a day it was working just fine. Today after two weeks trouble free it decides to disconnect the laser and won’t re-engage.
Im using iMac OS 12.01 / Monterey
Neje Master 2s 20W.
I need advice as to a starting point. I have reinstalled software twice. Changed cables several times.
Need some advice please.

Found the answer. Two You Tube videos reference these settings as well. Here is a screen shot of the settings.

I suspect this is a false positive as a fix and was more a coincidence. The parameters you’ve listed have nothing to do with connections.

$30 - this sets the max value of laser power
$31 - this sets the min value of laser power
$32 - this enables/disables laser mode
S Value Max - this is the setting in LB for max power value; it should match what is in $30.

One issue I am seeing from your screenshot is that your laser is configured as device type of GRBL-M3. This is intended for earlier versions of GRBL as indicated in the description (1.1e or earlier) and does not allow for dynamic variable PWM for laser power control. Additionally, laser mode wasn’t supported in that version of GRBL.

Suggest you reconfigure your laser for device type of “GRBL”.

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