Laser disconnected

I just installed 9.19 and set up my controller as AWC and USB. The laser will not connect to the software. What could be the problem? I unpluged the usb cable from the laser and the computer acknowledged it had been disconnected so I know that the computer sees it at least. One thing I did just notice is tht with this update, I can not select the port to use.

You will likely need to install LaserCAD just to get the driver for the controller. Once you have the USB driver for it installed, then LightBurn will be able to talk to it.

Thank you Oz. I will try that now

LaserCAD has now been installed and so has the driver but LB still does not see the laser. I have a Trocen AWC608

Does LaserCAD see it? Is LaserCAD still running? Have you restarted your computer?

LaserCAD does see the laser. I was able to send a file to it with ease. I did restart the computer to make sure the changes took affect. I opened LB and it still shows disconnected and there still isn’t a drop down for the com port.

Depending on the controller model, you shouldn’t expect one either. Most of the Trocen controllers use a different driver that isn’t a “virtual serial port”. If yours does, you’d need to change the communication method.

  • Click ‘Devices’
  • Double click your Trocen in the list
  • Choose ‘Trocen’
  • Change from USB to Serial/USB
  • Click next until you get to the end

Try that and see if that works. If not, there’s a couple other things we can try to figure out what’s going on.

You Da Man Oz!!! Serial/USB was what I should have selected when setting it up!!

The automatic “Find my Laser” thing usually handles that for you, but if you set it up manually that could be what happened.

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