Laser does not fire when connected to computer

Hello, I have recently purchased a Universal Engraver 40 x 40 15000mw Blue laser engraver with a GRBL controller. I have it assembled and the laser fires and the power adjusts via the dial on the control board above the laser itself. The laser works, and I can turn it on and focus it and adjust the power and focus however, the very second I connect it to my PC the laser shuts off and no matter what program I use, lightburn, laserGRBL Engraver Master I can’t get it to come back on. If I unplug the USB cabe, the laser comes back on. Can anyone help?

Does lightburn connect to your control board? It should bring up a com port in bottom left portion of the lightburn screen. If it does, try enabling the fire button. To do this click on the spanner screwdriver icon at the top of the screen and just above halfway down the left side of the box that opens you will find the enable fire button toggle. close the box and then select the move box on the upper left of the main screen. Set the power to a low % possibly 4% and click the fire button. it should fire the laser.
If there is no com port listed then your control board is not connected to lighburn.

Hi I was actually able to figure it out. The Chinese company I bought it from switched the wires on the laser control board so I had to switch the wires on the GRBL board plug from the laser control board. Super easy fix. Now on to making lots of projects. I can’t wait to play and see what this machine can do.

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