Laser doesn’t turn on when starting a new path

I just hooked up my Jtech 7w laser but I’m having an issue. When the laser moves to another line to etch, the laser will turn off when traveling to the next line but will not turn back on right away. Any thoughts or troubleshooting that I can do on my end? Sometimes the laser turns on right away on the next line and sometimes it takes a couple seconds. Also using lightburn software. I upgraded from a Jtech 2.8W and didn’t have this issue with that laser. I have a video but I’m unable to upload it here. Here is a screenshot of the video. The laser just finished cutting a line and went to the next path and the laser would not turn on right away when starting the path.

If it’s taking a couple seconds to turn on, that sounds like a hardware issue. I would double-check with J-tech to see if that’s something they’ve seen before.

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