Laser doesn't cut in one part of the cutting bed

the laser has been working without issue for about 2 weeks, Suddenly, it will be doing a job, and the laser turns off in in a certain area but will turn back on when comes out of that area (machine keeps moving like it is still going). Area is almost 1/4 of the cutting bed (back right corner)

Sounds like a broken cable in the cable duct.
Stop the laser in the area where you have no power and check at the laser head whether there is power. Use your low power trace function to test the laser.

I’m going to guess this is due to a bad wire or connector situation. Try wiggling the wire bundle both along the Y axis and X axis in the corner where the laser goes dark. If it comes back on intermittently then that basically confirms it.

Then try to isolate where it’s coming from. If it’s just an incompletely plugged in connector just try reseating. It will be hardest to isolate a bad wire. Focus on the wires that lead to the laser module.

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Thank you. is a loose wire somewhere. wriggling wires got it going. Now need to work out a way to fix it

It has to be the line to the laser, one of the three going to the laser is intermittent.

Normal wiring doesn’t have this issue, so it’s, in all likelihood within the drag chain(s).

The possibility exists that it’s at the connector, as you’re probably wiggling it also… usually they don’t just quit…


Make sure you fixed the wire to the slide where the laser is mounted. There are holes and the cable ties were included in the package.

Agree, I had the same problem and it was in cable.