Laser doesn't turn off between objects

Help! I’m new to the CNC router/laser scene. I’m attempting to laser cut a window frame out of plain card stock for a 1/64th scale building (S gauge train). Just three rows of eight window panes plus the outside frame. The problem I’m having is the laser doesn’t shut off between each window pane, just keeps burning as it travels to the next pane and cutting the window frame into strips. Obviously I’m doing something wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks!

What is your $32 set at?

Ok, I found it. $32 = 0. Should this be 1? Thanks!

Yes change it to 1 and that should help.

Did you look up what $32 setting is for/meaning? Sounds like you don’t have a preconfigured system so you’d do yourself a favor by checking a few things out in the GRBL settings list.

We have a FAQ entry for configuring the 3018 for LightBurn:

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