Laser doesn't work after latest version upgrade - moves fine, tries to cut/engrave and stops

Hello - I have a Fox Alien machine and it was working well, just purchased Lightburn a few weeks ago and loved it. I downloaded the new version today and had this issue immediately. The moves and speeds commands work fine but for some reason, when I start the job, it activates the laser for a second as it follows the geometry and stops, have reloaded software, wiggle cables, cleaned connectors, etc. Nothing.
I also tried a few examples using laserGRBL and it works fine, this tells me is not really a laser issue but more of a software issue…any ideas? Can I go back to the previous version of the software and replicate this matter?
Thanks for your help! I really need to get this machine going for some jobs

You can always install an older version of LightBurn and see if it “solves” the problem itself, but most importantly, you can get on with your work until a solution to your problem is found.

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