Laser Engraver not Engraving


I received my Laser Engraver today, Ortur Master 15W. I assembled the kit (also re-assembled). I downloaded Lightburn activated the trial and connected the laser.

Clicked on A symbol to add text. Once the text is added which is simple (TY), I used the default setting Lightburn provided 3000/min and 20% power. Nothing happened. Changed the power, yet nothing happened. Adding link to the video.

If anyone can help please!


The laser is focused. Using the small plywood sample that comes with the laser. Lightburn chose 3000 for me. I did not choose the settings. First time user.

So I changed the power cord since it did not come with US plug. I used similar power cord for another electronic device.

Assembled and re-assembled because I though I might have missed a step. Turns out I did everything correct the first time.

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