Laser Erratic Behaviour

I have 100watt 1200 x 900 Chinese laser using a ruida controller. I keep getting random issues as shown in the picture. All belts are at the correct tension I have replaced the controller and power supply. It only happens now and again but I cannot risk engraving on customers materials. I did 25 coasters and it did it on the fourth one (as in picture) but none of the rest. I don’t know if this is a hardware or software problem also tried reinstalling lightburn. It can jump to the side or above and than returning to the correct path. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

it seems that you had a loss step during this engraving

Thanks Roberto any idea what causes this

Agreed about loss of steps, but how did it recover?

This line is shifted to the right 1/2 the object distance. Some scan lines later, it’s exactly correct.?

Could this be mechanical, like one of the drive pulleys grub screws are not tight and the pulley slipping…?

I’ve had material slip, but this isn’t that…


Thanks you would think if it was pulley slip it wouldn’t go back to the correct path and fault seems to be on both x and y

The only way to see what happens is to stay there during engraving, maybe you have some debris on the pulley or some tooth of the belt causing random step loss

Thanks I have watched it and seen the fault happen and the head just jumps and then jumps back to correct position for no reason

What I’m postulating is that the pulley may only ‘jump’ under certain condition. May run fine, then slip 1/8 turn until the grub hits something, run that way for a few strokes then slip back to it’s original position.

Highly dubious, but I chased this problem down for over a week… Cinched the grub screw…

Easy to check…


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Thanks Jack I will double check all the pulleys.

this glitch (crop)

One of the things that does this with Ruida controllers is radio interference or EM noise.

I use the egg beater that fouls up the TV when I’m testing for it. Brush type motors make all kinds of noise. An old plug in hand drill where you can see the brushes arc would be a good choice.

Run a job on a scrap board, plug the noisy appliance in near the engraver, and operate both at the same time to see if you can make the problem worse.

Thanks John I will try that

Did you have an issue with the Ruida and interference?

This is the first I’ve heard that it could be an issue.

Most of the time with emf, the results are unpredictable and random. In this case, the head moves to the wrong area but returns correctly after the failure. Doesn’t sound like an rfi issue.

Looking inside it, there was care taken with it’s design and layout…

They cease to amaze me…


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