Laser finds X0 and Y0 at x0 and y mid way down

I have a problem with the 0,0 on my chinese laser with a cohesion 3d controller and using Lightburn. It thinks that 0,0 is about half wan down the bed. X is zero all the way down.Top is a negitive Y number. When it gets about half way down it finds 0,0 and shows 0,0 on the position. I just cant figure out why it does that. I have been using it for years like that and figured I might as well see if the laser is crazy or ME !!

Check out the ‘edit → device settings’ and ensure you the work area size and home corner set properly.

Where does your machine home?


Work area is set correctly. In devices the Home is set to the left bottom DOT. When you start Lightburn, it will move the laser to the Left corner at the back of the machine. It shows the position as X0, Y -193. If you move the laser to about half way to the front, the position will show X0, Y0 and start showing positive Y numbers as you manually move toward the front. The Lightburn screen shows everything correctly. . .I am wondering if it might be something in Cohesion 3D settings.

Most likely. Have you configured C3D for your laser?

How big your is your bed size? I’m guessing the C3D defaulted to K40 area (300x200mm). I’m guessing your Y travel is 393 or 400 mm?

Check here for bed size configuration:
Setting Up the Correct Bed Size - Cohesion3D

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That was it, I had gone back to the original Cohesion configuration when I bought the PiBurn rotary. Forgot to change the settings. THANKS EVERYBODY !!! You guys are AWESOME. . . .

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