Laser Fire Button Error

I have a Opt Laser PLH3D laser working on a x-carve x-controller. The fire button is actually burning instead of simply firing to show location. I had this problem before and you advised to change a setting on the console area. I believe is was the $32 setting. Can you please advise. Sorrry for the repeat question.

What is your current setting for $32? Additionally, what do you have set for the ‘Power’ of the ‘Fire’?

$32 setting is at 1. The fire button is at 0.01.

The spindle max value in LightBurn needs to match with the one in your controller. The default setting for latest GRBL is 1000, and ditto for LightBurn, but lots of software encourages setting it to 255 to make programmers lives easier. Check this both in the controller ($30 setting) and in LightBurn, in the device settings window (click ‘spanner/screwdriver’ icon to expose) to ensure they match.

And then I took my own advice and…

I did a simple search for “fire button” and this was the first link. Have you gone back and reviewed this previous post of yours?

Yes, that was it. I changed the $30 to =255 and it didn’t burn. Thanks. I wrote it down. Sorry to bother you.

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