Laser Fire Button

I have a Opt Laser PLH3D. I did the most recent LightBurn update and now my Laser Fire button is actually firing and not just showing me a location. What settings do I need to adjust?

What do you have set here:

It is set at 0.01%

I must be missing something. This is how it works. You hit the ‘Fire’ button and the laser will fire, using the power set in that control. Is this not working for you?

Maybe you can frame it something like," I did ___, I expected ___ to happen, but instead ___ did / did not happen.", and we can go from there.

The problem is it is firing and making a increasingly darker burn. Originally, prior to this last update it only made the laser fire, NOT burn. Now I have a burn dot on my wood project. Even at this low setting, it is burning and seems to increase in intensity until I turn the button off.

Type $$ in the console and tell us what your $30 setting is set to, and then go to Edit > Device Settings in LightBurn and look at the S-Value Max setting.

Some X-Carve software resets the $30 setting back to 1, instead of 255 or 1000 like it should be. If this happened, then any fire power setting would give you full output power or close to it.

Ok, yes, my $30 setting was at 1. I put it at 255 and that corrected the problem. Do I need to do that every time I start the lightburn software? Is there a way to make it permanent? Thanks so much for your quick and spot on advise!!

That number sets what GRBL considers to be the 100% power setting for PWM output. I don’t know why XCarve chooses to reset it to 1, and I don’t know of a way to force it to stay at 255. I would contact Inventables to see if that behavior can be disabled.

Great, thanks again.

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