Laser fires as it's making rapid move/repositioning


My main power supply went out (not laser power supply) and fried my 6442 board. I got a replacement in today and machine is working.


When the laser is making a rapid move the laser is still firing. I did not change the wiring, I just simply unplugged the old 6442 board and install the new one. When I replaced the main power supply, I did the same thing.

I put a multimeter to the TL and ground and voltage stated at 0.31 the whole time. I’m not sure what this voltage is suppose to be. But since I didn’t see any drop, I’m curious if this is consider bad?

It sounds like it, yes. It’s possible that the logic circuit in the HV-PSU was also damaged when the other one went. Try disconnecting the HV-PSU from the controller and just measuring the L-ON output against ground to see if it’s changing.

I disconnect the whole terminal that drives the laser on the Ruida 6442 control board.

Power on the laser and after it homes, it rapids to the previous origin point.
During the rapid movement to the origin point, the laser is firing. During the homing process the laser is not firing.

I then plug the laser connector back in to the Rudia 6442 control board and disconnected the low voltage signal (TL) wire from the laser it self and the same thing happen.

During both of these test the TL voltage from TL - Ground stayed at 0.014v.

So why am I seeing 0.014 and before 0.31? I can only think that the output voltage of the Rudia controls the laser output %. More voltage in the TL line = more power output from the laser power supply.

Does it work like the following? (just using random numbers here)
Ruida tells Laser power supply to go to 80% power would equal 0.5 volts on the TL wire
Ruida tells Laser power supply to go to 20% power would equal 0.15 volts on the TL wire

TL is “trigger low” - it’s just the on / off for the laser. The L-On output on the laser goes there.

The L-PWM is the PWM output that should connect to the ‘IN’ signal on the power supply, and that’s the one that controls the power output percentage.

Thanks for the califcation.

Looks like the L-On circuit is damage. New P/S should be here tomorrow.

Since this power supply has more power (still 80 watt rated) 26KV (old) vs 35KV (new) Is this a issue and/or anything I need to be made a ware of?

New power supply
Co2 HY-DY Series RECI Power Supply For RECI W1 Laser Tube 110/220V – Cloudray Laser

Old Power Supply
Cloudray 80W CO2 MYJG Series Power Supply (Black Shell ) MYJG-80W 110/ – Cloudray Laser

Put a new laser supply in and fixed my issue. Back to being operational.

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