Laser fires during manual moves

Hello all,

I needed to change my Ruida 6445G controller because of a hardware failure and I have an issue with the new one.
the laser is firing when i move it in manual mode and right after the X/Y homing at reset.
I don’t know where/what to look for on the parameters :confused:
Can someone help ?

I’d check the laser pwm to see it it’s inverted.

This can be found ‘Edit → Machine Settings’, I think it’s at the end of vendor settings.

Do you L-ON1 connected to L or H?

Suspiciously sounds like you have one of the signals inverted or swapped.


Thanks for your reply, L-ON1 is connected to L so the settting should be LOW right ?

I’ll have to fire mine up and look. I thought there was a place that also inverts the PWM.

Do you have a voltmeter or something similar. We (you) can check the control signals.

L-ON1 is generally connect to L
Common ground.

L-ON1 is the laser enable and goes low to enable the power supply to fire.
LPWM1 It goes ‘high’ to fire the laser.

You should be able to do this with the lps powered off, so the machine won’t fire …


Thanks for your reply. I think my controller was correctly cabled because it was working fine with the exact same 6445G before it fails…
What I did today is to fix the hardware issue and reinstall it. And it works fine again. So I really think the new ruida I bought had a wrong config or another issue that I couldn’t solve…
Anyway it is working again with the old one. Thank you very much for your help.

Did you change it out with the same model Ruida?

And did you save the configuration from the old and ‘write’ it to the new machine?

This should work…


Yes I did.
I did use LightBurn to read and write the configuration.
I agree, it should have but it didn’t. That’s why I think the new controller is faulty…

It sounds like the new controller. Since you really didn’t ‘re-wire’ anything, jut swapped out the ‘unit’

Sorry I could not be of more help.

If it’s working with the old controller, why did you purchase another one and swap it out?


I did write a backed up configuration from my old controller to the new one using lightburn, so I think it should have worked…
The old controller have an hardware issue, there is a broken diode that I removed to make it work, but as this diode is there for a reason, so i want to replace the device because I don’t know what diode i should purchase it re-solder it. I can’t find the schematic of the main board.

Thanks again for your help.

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