Laser firing outside image using LightBurn

I’m engraving images with an Ortur LM2 that I created with current CorelDraw as Vector and converted to JPG file with current CorelPhoto. When using LightBurn 1.1.03, there are tiny unwanted dots burned all around the image. However, when I switch to the LASERGRBL software, using the same file, on the same computer and laser, the unwanted dots are not produced.
This is occurring in LightBurn with several different files, all created in CorelDraw/CorelPhoto. Is there some setting in LightBurn that I am unaware of, that could be causing this problem?

This could be related to the image processing mode selected. Also, if you ensure that the rendered image has no extraneous non-white pixels around this can be avoided. Using PNG with an explicit transparent background avoids this entirely.

Having said that, is there a reason you’ve converted the vector to an image? Using a vector (as an SVG export from CorelDraw for example) would allow you more flexibility and avoid this issue entirely.

I did additionally save the file as a .ai with the same result. What is telling to me, is the fact that the LaserGRBL did not produce these dot artifacts. So, maybe I’m missing a setting, some sensitivity threshold, something else?

I believe I remember seeing something about this a few years ago as it relates to a diode. I believe there was a video by MyersWoodshop (Maybe Workshop?) where he walks through a diode set up in LB. That is pretty vague, I know, but it was quite awhile ago.

The only other rudimentary thing I could think of would be a lack of air assist on an orturo. Maybe run a job and blow some air on the workpiece and see if you still have the same problem.

Good luck!


If this is the case then perhaps these dots are not what I thought they were.

Can you post screenshots of LightBurn and the final product with the dots so that we can see what you’re referring to?

Upload the actual .lbrn file if you can.

This could be explained by the use of different image modes but doesn’t explain the situation with the vector file.

OK, more experiments today. I mistakenly said I’d tried the .ai file. I created it, but there was an issue and I did not try in LightBurn. I did create a svg file today and it burned well in LightBurn.
I’m not especially knowledgeable about file types, and fairly inexperienced with LightBurn, so when learning the program I was selecting JPG’s (lesson learned). I’m guessing CorelPhoto was introducing something into the vector file that I couldn’t see, but LightBurn picked up, and LaserGRBL didn’t pick up.
Thanks for the responses, and idea to try converting the file to SVG!

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I’d like to see it too. I’m intrigued.

Once I got a svg file to work, I immediately deleted all the jpg files to avoid using them. This is a recreation of a jpg file using the same method as I had previously done. I’m assuming CorelPhoto introduced something that LightBurn picked up on, that LaserGRBL didn’t? It would be very interesting if someone found something!

Gonzo Mens 50k 1st.lbrn2 (478.2 KB)

In the LightBurn preview window you can see the darker background dots.
It’s an artifact caused by using image compression.

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