Laser flashes on and off. Ortur Laser Master 2


I am starting with laser cutting/engraving. My first machine is an Ortur Laser Master 2.
I had no problem connecting it with lightburn. When I press the home button, move the laser manually with lightburn (laser off) or frame what I am about to burn, everything works normally.

For my first tests I tried to burn simple shapes, 2000 mm/min 100% power to test engraving.

When I try to burn, the laser flashes on and off and the movement is jitterish. It also finishes after 1/10 of the design is completed. If I increase the speed over 11000 mm/min, the laser is steady on and the movement is smooth, but that’s too fast to burn anything.

I am borrowing this machine. Last time the owner used it, everything worked.

I am guessing there is a setting I need to adjust, but after hours searching the internet and this forum, I am no wiser. Any tips are really appreciated.

Video of test 11000 mm/min 100%

Video of test 2000 mm/min 100%

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