Laser Focus and intensity

Admittedly am Newbie. First laser engraving went quite well. Have been working with it for last week or so to try another - couldn’t get anything to work. Laser or spindle was not communicating with my W10 Laptop. Finally narrowed it down to the USB - replaced and seems to be working except the laser burn barely scorches the wood so the image is not even visible. My question is…can I boost the power to the laser to make it more efficient safely and perhaps focus it better. I have spent hours watching videos and reading help articles to try to improve my knowledge but this has me stumped - any assistance would be appreciated

Not enough info. What kind of laser is it? What controller board do you have?

Appreciate your response.
I really cannot answer your inquiry because I do not know which board I have. The laser is marked 5500mW.
However, I was able to boost the power level and complete another successful burn. I am still learning and will continue to do so. Thanks again