Laser Framing Not Following Screen Layout

I am using the latest version of Lightburn, on an HP Prodesk running windows11. Laser is an XTool D1 Pro. I have drawn a square on the screen as my object to burn. Inside the square is some text. I always frame first the object first to make sure it is going to burn where I expect. Normally it follows the screen object, but some of the time, like now, it tracks way off. (By the way, the board is positioned correctly and is right in relation to the laser itself. Dimensions are also correct, so it should follow the screen object.) When the laser begins to track when framing, the (start from current position and job origin is bottom left) laser starts veering of to the right and stops short of the upper line, moves right stops short, moves back to origin moving above where it should. The object it burns look ok when done, but why isn’t following where it should be going. In the past the laser goes farther right. I could sending a short movie of what it is doing if that would help. Thanks

Better would be that you upload a copy of the Lightburn file that is not framing properly.

Occasionally, a small piece of previous art may have been overlooked when deleted, or something could be on a tool layer involved with framing.

In the Cuts / Layers window, how many layers are listed?

For now, click the Show and Output switches on (green / to the right) for the layers.

Click anywhere on the work area.

Please type the following holding the control or the shift key as needed:
pressing Enter isn’t required.

This should show all active selectable art and tool layers if they’re active.

Capture the whole LightBurn screen with a screenshot (detailed at the link below) and drag the picture into the reply box when you reply here.

Hopefully this is enough info to help us figure out what is happening.

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