Laser freeze with lightburn


I have a problem with lightburn.
I regularly have the laser that freezes and does nothing during an engraving.
I have to stop burning (via the lightburn STOP button) and try my luck again. no need to unplug and replug the laser.
The problem is very random, it can happen after 10 seconds or after 2 min or even 10 min.
on the other hand, when I export my project in Gcode and that I execute it on lasergrbl no problem.

Test carried out on a Windows 11 PC and a MAC.

I searched the whole forum, tested many parameters but nothing worked.

Do you have an idea of a parameter that can block this blocking?

Thanks in advance


I’d suggest experimenting with baud rate and transmission method in Device Settings.

I haven’t heard of an issue like this especially where LaserGRBL and LightBurn give you such different results on a GRBL based machine but if it works in LaserGRBL it’s a good indicator that you should be able to get it to work in LightBurn.

Also, confirm that you’re configured as a GRBL device in LightBurn. Press Devices button in Laser window and then click on your laser. It will show you the device type at the bottom of the Devices window.

Do you get any messages in Console when this occurs?

Hi Berainlb,

Thank you for your reply.
I have already checked the Baud rate as well as changed the transmission method and I encounter the same problem.

The laser is well configured on GRBL. I have no messages on the console. It’s like he’s on a break. The laser stops and nothing happens in the console.

What are your connection settings on LaserGRBL? Both on the main screen and in Settings?

In LaserGRBL can you go to GRBL->Settings and take a screenshot?

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