Laser Freezing during print


I’m new to the forum and I have done some looking but have not found an answers for the problem I’m having. I’m trying to print a photo on wood and after 20 mins laser head stops moving and beam shuts off. Does not restart just continues to say busy and timer does not count down any further.
I’ve printed similar photos before using the same settings but never had this issue. Starting to wonder if there is a software or hardware issue but dont know how to properly diagnose either.
Any help would be appreciated

For reference laser is 20w Fox Alien laser module and whatever control module comes with that device (not sure how to tell which make it is). Can provide pictures if required

Thanks in advance

There are several things that can drop communications. It’s good to split the problem in half a few times to see if patterns emerge.

The first thing to check is the USB Selective Suspend setting in Windows 10. After the buffer of the engraver fills up the communications lines go quiet. Then after a fixed amount of time Windows powers down the USB ports to save energy. This will drop communication and shut down the engraver as you describe.

The Screen Saver and power saving modes are the next things to check in Windows.

Do you have air assist or an exhaust fan running?
Have you changed ANY of the plug ins, power cords or locations?

How many wires run from the controller to the Laser module?

Most modules use 3 wires but the 4 wire ones may have a temperature sensor for overheat protection.


Tried changing USB settings you described (disabled now) and still no change to the issue. I dont see a pattern to the failures… sometimes its 20mins, next time its 35mins, 2mins, 7mins, 3mins, 15mins.

Ive tried resuming the print from just before failure to see if it will stop in same spot. It goes past the previous failure and thenfails at anpther random point.

Laser has only 3 wires and fan is running. Do not have air assist but have tried tried letting laser cool over night and start printing again after extended cool down failed after 7mins that time.

I have not changed any settings in lightburn or on the hardware settings in anyway. But i am noticing that the “burn” is getting lighter in these last few attempts (see attached pictures).
Is it possible that the laser is reaching end of life?

I have another control module (not sure what correct terminology is) is there any way to determine laser life rather than replacing components blindly?

Thanks again

Not sure if these pictures help but this is what i mean by image seems to be fading. And picture of the laser module for reference (specs)


Still have not solved the freezing problem, have tried doing other jobs and seems to only freeze during longer jobs (over 20mins). Laser is not warm to the touch and never had issues before the past couple weeks.

Can you recommend diagnostics for determining whether laser, main board, Lightburn software, or other items may be causing issues?


Maybe someone can, but not me. I recommend you put a small fan on the controller board, and especially the power supply. All indications are you have an overheat issue, with the power supply at the top of your suspect list.

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