Laser going home instead of engraving

Ive been having engraving issues for a while now, mostly consistency issues. Last night, my laser would only partially engrave something and then stop. Today, it wont engrave at all. I open the project in LB, frame it, click start, and the laser goes home. Just updated to LB 1.6.00, thinking that would solve the issue but it didnt. I removed and added my laser again, and it still keeps doing it. No idea why this is happening but its very frustrating

Unfamiliar with your hardware, however questions:
a) does your machine often home on power up?
b) If so, this behavior could be explained on the machine crashing (soft reboot) at the moment you demand some power of the power supply.
Should be possible to test if you set the power of laser at 1%, does it still do the same?

Yes it auto homes on startup. I just lowered the power and it did the same thing. Lowered speed and it did the same thing. I have no idea whats going on with it.

can you monitor the console window output.
Power on > connect to lightburn.
Console will output some messages yes?
Start the project,
What happens in console, could you copy&paste the whole output here from launch of lightburn to the restart of the machine?

Apparently it was that particular file. I made it again and its working fine. Thanks for your replies!

Peculiar ! but glad it was an abnormality.

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