Laser Halts before completing the task

I am engraving wood using light burn with two trees and Mac Air Book. It has been working beautifully for a while. I have noticed yesterday for several times that the laser halts before complteing the task. Power set up 50 and speed 50. laser stops however the timer is still running as if the laser is burning. It ruined couple of my projects that I have been working on for almost six weeks. light burn has been upgraded to 1.4 version.
Please advise

This was happening to me, I accidentally moved the USB cable to where it was getting interference, once I re-positioned cable the problem went away.

A screen saver can also shut off USB ports. Please check your Air Book to see if a screen saver could be contributing to the dropped communication.

The screen saver behavior doesn’t bite folks until their projects get big enough to run into the time limit.

Some operating systems cut power to USB ports if they’ve filled the buffer in the engraver and communication is paused too long.

This is more common with high resolution image engraving.

Which operating system are you using on your Air Book?

GRBL often shares the buffer size when it starts up and first connects to LightBurn. If you Select and Copy the first few lines of the start up message from the Console window in LightBurn into a reply here we may see if the engraver has a large enough buffer to out-wait the screensaver.

If you were timing it, from your last key-stroke to when the laser quits, would the stop times be fairly similar or are they somewhat random?

Oh wow, Thank you Chris … that was helpful … tried it today. It went smoothly …

Really appreciate your response.


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