Laser has lost consistency and engraves very slowly

Hi, everyone! I am using an 8W diode with a mini GRBL board. It was working fine and all of a sudden it started burning very sporadically. It will only burn half of the vector I’m working on and it will be burnt, the rest will be blank. I have changed out the actual laser, the control board, the motors, the power cord, and the USB cable. I feel like it is something in my settings. I am pretty new to engraving so please be patient with me. When I do get it to burn
I have to slow it down so much it takes 4 hours to do a 10" x 10" vector that would normally take an hour. I used to set it at 4000 mm/m and it worked fine but now I’m having to put it at 600 mm/m and sometimes it still doesn’t engrave. Does anyone have any suggestions? These are my settings in the console:


I’m not sure your referencing the Mini grbl board I’m thinking of as you don’t list $28. So what board and firmware are you running?

I apologize. It says GRBL 1.1 on my board. I’m not sure about what firmware is. I am new to engraving so I’m just learning. I don’t mean to sound ignorant but I really am. I am learning a lot every day though. I am about to order a new machine also but I have a couple of orders I need to get done with this one while I’m waiting on the new one.

Doing a quick search I don’t see a Sunshine 820 laser engraver. But when you connect to the console you should see what it’s reporting as your firmware version. Maybe post a screen shot of that and any links associated with the laser you have.

Once again I apologize. I had entered the wrong thing in for my machine. I just have a cheap Chinese 2.5 laser.

Well you have grbl 1.1f, here’s a link to grbl settings may help you

I would look at the $10=3 and maybe change it to $10=1 which I believe to be machine space positioning, I’d also make sure $30=255 matches what Lightburn S-Value Max is set to. I don’t expect either of those to change the speed your engraving at though. You might contact the manufacturer and see if they can give you the default settings and or suggestions.

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Thank you! I have been working with my settings and it is doing much better now. I have been struggling with this for several days. I appreciate your help!

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