Laser has power and responsive, but how does it know where my material is or how thick?

Im overall just frustrated. The laser is responsive but the moment I go to press frame it says reset… laser doesn’t seem like it knows what or where my material is at to engrave even though its in the middle of the screen.

Follow the post that @Grumpy_Old_Man mentioned.
Your laser doesn’t know anything, you have to set it up. Watch all the videos you can find and read the documentation.
The folks in this forum are helpful but will need specifics of what you’ve tried and the results.

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You laser doesn’t know how thick the material is.

It’s a bit like the high-pressure stream of water from a hose - If you move it slowly across a sandbox, pointed straight down, how long does it take to go through a foot of sand? The answer depends on how loose the sand it (the material you’re using), how strong the water pressure is (laser wattage), how tight the stream is where it hits (beam focus), and how long you hold in one place (speed of the head).

That’s an oversimplification, but it should help you understand the process a little - trial and error. :slight_smile:

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That did help a ton! I have another question. Would my 20w laser master 2 be able to cut and engrave glass and acrylic?

Yes and no. Search this forum for specifics- here are a few:

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