Laser has stopped working

hi i have had my laser master 2 working for 2 years now its stopped working laser lights up but will not burn any ideas

I would ask, “what has changed?” Did your OS update? If so, your driver may have been changed/altered/removed. So, that is worth checking. What else might have changed?

What do you mean when saying “now its stopped working laser lights up but will not burn”? How are you testing this? What settings are you using? Sharing screenshots is very helpful, as we may spot something out of place. You have not provided much that we can actually use to help you. If you can spell out the steps you have taken, this will help us “see” what you are observing. :slight_smile:

Hi yes was doing my job on it
Then went to
Do something else it all lights up laser is beaming down but with not burn all doing what it should but not able to
Burn I will send a video
Thanks for replying it’s driving me crazy

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