Laser head movement

I’ve searched and can’t locate an answer. May be my verbage in search. I send to laser and it starts to engrave. The head will start then move to an area then back to do some more. No big deal on flat items however with the rotary it starts, works an area then moves to another area then back to first area and so forth until it’s finished. When it Transverses back there is slight movement or slipping so the areas don’t line up. I’ve tried optmize on and off. I hope this is understandable and not too confusing. AP laser 100w rudia controller

You have not provided much in the way of settings set for this job, but my guess is you have ‘Flood Fill Scanning’ ticked ON (green) for this layer. Ruida controllers don’t like this and will cause the cut planning to bounce around a bit, but the job will complete correctly. Don’t use it with your Ruida.

‘Flood Fill Scanning’ was originally designed for diode lasers where traversals are murderously slow and useful for things like frames, where you want to avoid engraving across a large amount of blank area. We are aware of this behavior and working towards a better solution for Ruida.

As for your misalignment with rotary jobs (again, guessing as I don’t know what type of rotary you are using), fast direction changes can cause slippage of the object on the rollers of a rotary. Slowing the job down helps reduce this and using rubber-bands around the object placed on the rollers can help with grip.

Thanks Rick I think flood fill is on. I’m not at the laser again till tomorrow. I will change that tomorrow and retry. Not sure what the rotary is. It came with laser. I have a Chuck style but have not set it up yet. The slight slippage is exactly what is happening.

If you are using a chuck style and the object is slipping, you don’t have it secured in the chuck properly and not related to the roller style issue mentioned above.

I’m using roller style right now

For a roller, you can lower the “Idle Speed” setting in the machine settings, and this will reduce the speed the head moves between cuts. As Rick mentioned though, it sounds like you have Flood Fill on, and you shouldn’t use that on a Ruida except in very specific cases. I’ve left it available because it’s useful for speeding up engraving empty frames, but it’s almost never the right choice for anything else, and using it with complex paths seems to confuse the hardware and I haven’t had a chance to dig into why yet.

Thanks for the info. I’ll try flood fill off tomorrow

Thanks for the help. I turned flood fill off and that worked. Thanks again

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