Laser head / tube advice

Hi there,
I have a 100w co2 rudia controlled laser. I have had it for a couple of months now and all is going well.
I have been learning about different lenses which have different uses ie engraving vs cutting vs best of both worlds. I would like advice on a head / tube setup which will give me a closer distance between the nossel and the work piece.

Any help with this topic would be great.

As you are getting to grips with things you will be aware that there are some things we can, and some things we can’t chance in our setups, with what’s delivered to us anyway.

I think the laser head you have is similar, externally anyway to what came with mine.

I also wanted flexibility and ended up getting a cloudray head assembly replacement.

Take a look there.

The tube the lens is in has a telescopic element that facilitates what you want, the head you have does not.

Good luck


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