Laser Head Upgrade Recommendation Needed

I am having too many issues with coming out of alignment with my factory setup. I tried new mounts, they were too high for tube. So I put the old ones back.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a new mirror and laser head set up ? Looking to buy immediately to help keep me in alignment for at least a week straight haha.

60w OMTech C02 Currently non adjustable Z

I converted to Russ’ lightweight aluminum head and love it. You will need a lens tube and nozzle if you don’t have a compatible one. With the Cloudray C series tube and No3 nozzle I can mount anything from a 1.5" to a 4" lens as is, or swap out the nozzle and put a compound lens HD nozzle in for fine photo engraving. Russ is in process of working out a compound cutting nozzle at this time as well.

Drop him a comment in one of his latest videos with your email address. He will delete your email address from the public comments and get back to you.

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