Laser Height Settings Inconsistent with Ruida Controller

Hello. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

I have an Anqiang 9060 Laser with Reci W2 laser tube and Ruida 6445G.

The preset laser focus height is supposed to be 7mm. The manufacturer supplied a little precut 7mm bit of acrylic to use for checking the height after pressing the FOCUS button on the Ruida controller. It worked beautifully for awhile.

Then I did something dumb. Admittedly this is my mistake. I manually lowered the bed, but forgot I had put a small cardboard box under the bed’s catch all tray. While lowering, the bed hit the cardboard box and made some pretty bad noises - but everything still seemed to work ok after checking/testing.

Of course, I removed the box. Did a few test burns. Raised and lowered the bed a few times. It all seemed smooth.

Then I decided to check to see if the bed itself was still level. It had gone slightly off, but nothing major. I know how to level the bed and had been planning to relevel again soon anyway. It might have already been off and not related to my dumb mistake.

But the real issue is that now when I press the focus button on the Ruida Controller (6445G), it does it’s usual thing of raising the bed and then lowering/adjusting to the focus height after hitting the red focus pen…but when I measure afterward, it is about 10mm instead of 7mm.

How in the world do I adjust this? I’ve been scouring the web and youtube for hours and have not found anything that specifically answers the question.

Please advise. Thank you!

Can you post a couple of good clear pics of the autofocus thingy and how it attaches to the head?
There must be a way to adjust it.

You can see the laser along with close-up photos of the laser head and focusing pen here on the site where I purchased it:

There is a zero offset setting for your auto focus settings. just reduce the number there by 3mm and you will be fine. Maybe someone else can help in meantime, but tomorrow I can post a pic of the setting. you will become good with it as you use more FL lenses and fine tune your focus.

To begin with I added .1 inch to the number to avoid wrecks and make sure I had the right setting. ONce I found it and got my pen set to my liking I write the number down on a label and put ir under the cover. then when I change lenses I can add/subtract the new focal length and be close out of the gate.

see above link for all you ever wanted to know about your chinese auto focus

Thank you. I’ll give this a watch right now.

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