Laser image shifting

I am hoping someone can give me some suggestions on what to do about my image shifting on larger burns. I’m using an Ortur LM2. My tile is secured and all of my belts are tight. When doing a smaller image such as a 4x4 inch this is not a problem. I have attached an image of a partially done project so you can see what I’m dealing with.

This appears to be a lost motion problem on the X-axis.

I believe that if you measure the width of the skip or jump shown, that it will correspond the pitch of the belt. Check for loose components ( belt / pulley / tensioner etc. ) on the x axis. It could be purely coincidental for components to become loose when you stepped up to the larger tile.

Is the larger tile close to the limit of the x axis? Skipping can be caused by attempting to exceed the mechanical limits even with correctly adjusted motion components.

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