Laser is not firing continuously when burning lines

Hi! I am new to Lightburn. I recently acquired a Redsail X700 with Rudia 6445 controller. It is hard to explain what was the problem so please reference to the attached pictures.

As you can see, I lost a lot of detail on the face of the snow man. Line of the character is not closing. There is obvious gap between lines. Anyone know if this is the problem of the machine or its the setting of the controller/software?

Please help me out. Its 3:00 am in the morning and I am pulling my hair out.


In the second photo, that cutout that starts with “shel” you have the Tabs/Bridges toggled on probably.

Can we see the design with no preview? I am thinking that you would only need maybe 2 layers at most. If the power is too low and the material isn’t right, you will lose a lot of detail.

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