Laser is not turning off during cuts, was working fine yesterday

Today I went to burn a “L” on a cutting board in the Academy Engraved front in LightBurn. When I checked on the progress the laser stopped recognizing where to shut off and where to burn, so I just have a large burn in the whole movement pass of the laser. I haven’t changed any setting since completing the other cuts so I am lost as to why it just started doing this.

Are you having this problem with every burn or just this particular file?

Does the Preview look like what you’d expect?

It’s every file. As soon as the laser moves from the home position it starts to fire.

The preview looks exactly like it should.

Puzzling if you’re saying that no changes have been made to the system. To be clear, you’re saying no device setting changes, system updates, or firmware updates of any kind, correct?

Are you able to make manual moves of the laser head without the laser firing?

One last suggestion, check the generated g-code if you have any familiarity with it. That will tell you if you have a likely hardware issue or a software issue.

I’d retired decades ago if I got a nickel for every time I’ve heard that…

However I understand.

If you did not change anything, that is indicative of a hardware failure.

Hardware breaks, software has bugs, this doesn’t sound like a bug.

Got a voltmeter? Check the PWM control to see if it’s ‘stuck’ up, so to speak.


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What does your $32 setting currently read?

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As @JMichael suggests, please post your current firmware settings. Type $$ into the console, followed by the Return / Enter key. Then copy and paste the complete list that gets spit back (hint: the console window will scroll), and we can review together. :slight_smile:







































Current $32=1
I pulled the full list and copied it down below.

Here’s the list

My Ortur has recently started staying on constantly, not turning off between cuts. It even stays on when in the “home” position. Very dangerous. I have unplugged it to keep from burning my house down.

You may be experiencing failed hardware. You might benefit from reaching out to Ortur Support directly for troubleshooting tips. :slight_smile: