Laser is on but does not cut

I have a Universal Engraver 15watt blue laser. When using the software provided by the company the laser works fine. However, when using light burn, the laser is on and moving but is not engraving. I have refocused the laser several times. I am brand new to this and could use some help.

Thanks for starting your own thread. :slight_smile:

Are you working in mm/minute? You should, It’s “Better for diode”.

In LightBurn, top tool bar - select second word Edit.
Scroll down to the bottom where the gears are and select Settings.

The next thing you should look at is the Cuts/Layers window to see what speed you’re engraving at.

In LightBurn, Click on that area on the right hand side of your screen and pull up that window. It’ll look like this.

See if you can grab that image with the snip tool and upload it to the forum. you can drag and drop the file into your reply or use the up-arrow tool to upload it when you reply.

My 1200 default is way too fast - I recommend a test pattern to get a feel for power levels and speeds. 400 mm/min might get you started.
Results vary based on diode size, material used and relative humidity.

practice on scraps and wasteboards.

I like MDF for testing.

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