Laser is only burning inside

Hi… Is anyone else having an issue when they import an SVG & it only burns the inside of the letters on an outline ? The laser has no issue doing the inside of the letters but when it comes to the rest of the letter & design it isn’t burning it or even making a mark. Happened with my 7w Jtech and my 10w Endurance as well. Im pretty sure it’s something i am doing but I can’t figure it out for the life of me and it’s pissing me off.

Without more information, I’d look to ensure you have all desired ‘Layer Output’ enabled. Could this be the issue?


Nope. I’d have to upload a video to show you. You’ll see the laser on and moving but not burning anything. You will see the inside burn of the letter L which came out fine.,_MD

What controller and firmware are you using? You have not added that to your profile and that is the important connection between LightBurn and the cutter. Also, please provide your firmware settings.

Grbl. Im using an endurance 10w on my open builds . workbee lead 1010 with an Xpro controller.

From the video, it just looks like you’re moving way too fast. You might also be out of focus, which would make that issue worse.

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